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Ablorde Ashigbi, the co-founder of 4Degrees, genuinely believes that the role of a CEO is a service position.

Enter CommandDot.

By removing the back and forth out of the meeting scheduling equation, we strive to help other business leaders like Ablorde spend more time focusing on what really matters: the ever-changing top priorities for their company. Plus, it frees up a little more time for Ablorde to keep up with his favorite hobby, reading.

The 4Degrees platform helps teams build and manage their relationship network. In Ablorde’s own words, the best kind of meetings are ones that “maximize the density of insights,” allowing him to quickly pick up new ideas and skills.

Unsurprisingly, Ablorde spends much of his time developing relationships. We are excited to share his top two tips for creating strong, meaningful relationships with your contacts:

Always follow up

As Ablorde says, “people underestimate the power of follow up.” When you circle back on a conversation, it shows people that their words and thoughts had an impact on you. In turn, this will make them more excited about this new relationship with you, and will encourage them to spend more time with you going forward!

Find ways to be authentic

Take the time to ask questions to get to know the other person. For example, what do they spend free time on? What are they excited about? What are they learning? How are they trying to grow?

Ablorde’s favorite part of building a startup is being able to hire a phenomenal team, and he spends up to 25-30% of his time scheduling and conducting interviews. As he is looking to add a head of marketing to his team, he’s meeting as many experts as possible to understand the hallmarks of a great head of marketing and to find the right person for the job.

While he and the team at 4Degrees have already built a talented team and product, they’re looking to tell their story more publicly.

We also have an insider scoop on how to help the conversation go well. The most unfavorable meetings Ablorde has had are the ones where people can’t cut the fluff out of their background. His worst interview experience was when he asked them to give him a three to four minute overview of their experience and they spent 20 minutes instead. His favorite interview questions revolve around diving into the key accomplishments of the interviewee at their last position. You can learn more about this from the book, “Who: the A Method of Hiring"

For Ablorde, time is a precious commodity, so he uses CommandDot to maximize his time.

Here are some of the personalized ways that he is using our platform:

  • He has different templates for each region that his clients work in. This makes it easy to share the best times for them to meet.
  • Ablorde defaults to sharing afternoon times with his clients to give himself more time in the morning to deeply think and engage with his team. This allows him to stay on top of his most relevant priorities.
  • He has a special template for “non-priority” meetings so he can keep prime time carved out for his most important tasks.
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Book Club

As we mentioned earlier, if he had an extra hour every day, Ablorde would spend it with his nose buried in books. Ablorde’s two book suggestions for you are

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