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How to add Zoom
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Connecting Zoom Account

All it takes is five simple steps to use CommandDot to quickly set up Zoom meetings for your events.

To connect your Zoom account to your Command Dot account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Settings page on the CommandDot dashboard
  2. Look for Zoom in the App Directory
  3. Click on the + sign
  4. Follow the prompt to sign in to your Zoom account
  5. Your Zoom account should now appear as a connected account on the Settings page

To remove your Zoom account from your Command Dot account, simply click the gear icon next to your Zoom login under Connected Accounts and click ‘delete.’

How to Make a Zoom Link

To generate a Zoom meeting link through CommandDot, first make sure that your Zoom account is connected to your CommandDot account. After, use your shortcut to open up CommandDot.

Then, create an event. Then select Zoom meetings. After you have done this, a Zoom meeting will be automatically generated with the appropriate date and meeting duration on you and your invitees’ calendars. This meeting will also be available to view on the “Meetings” tab under “My Account” in your Zoom account.

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