at CommandDot

We're building the OS for Inbox because everyone should feel like a Power User.

Join us to see your fingerprints on the future as you grow while making a daily impact for 800M PC users.

Built Different.

The PC is broken. We were promised more productivity with less effort, and we got hours each day lost to tabbing-and-typing information from one app to another. And it's the most vulnerable among us who get the worst of it, their work days reduced to working for their computers. Humans deserve to feel super.

We're rethinking how using a PC should feel, and getting it right this time means listening to those left behind by the current paradigm. You should help us fix it if you're not getting the authorship you crave, if you're feeling caged in by the org chart, or if you want to leverage the experience you gained taking a road less traveled into technology.

At CommandDot, we're building a different PC experience by building a different technology company.

Open Roles


Founding Growth Lead

Software Engineering Generalist

Frontend Software Engineer

Backend Software Engineer

Not seeing something that should be here? Hello, fellow traveller 👋 Share your vision with us via email to and we'll take a look together to see if CommandDot can be your new team.

Our Philosophy

Interview Process

Email us

Email our CEO  and share what you'd be excited about as the owner of a role at CommandDot

30 min chat

If we're excited about your vision for owning the role, we'll set up a 30 minute video chat to explore how assisting each other would feel in practice

Show your stuff

If we're eager to learn from you after the call, we'll offer an opportunity to complete a project that teaches us how you'll enjoy the work here

Meet our team

If we're confident your work will fit in with ours, we'll schedule a handful of video chats with the people you'll work alongside to learn how we'll feel on a day-to-day basis (and if you think we know the vibes)

Join Our Team

If we're excited to pitch in with you on our team, we'll make you an offer that includes competitive salary, generous stock options, medical/dental/vision insurance, meals when you're in our office, the tools you need to do your very best work, and the resources to support the development of your skills and career.