at CommandDot

We're building the OS for Inbox because PCs should make everyone feel more powerful.

Built Different.

The PC is broken. We were promised more productivity with less effort, and we got hours each day lost to tabbing-and-typing information from one app to another, life's work reduced to working for our computers.

We're rethinking how using a PC should feel, and getting it right this time means listening to those left behind by the current paradigm.

You should help us fix it:

  • if you're not getting the authorship you crave
  • if you're feeling caged in by the org chart
  • if you want to leverage the experience you gained taking a road less traveled into technology

At CommandDot, we're rebuilding the PC, starting by building a different technology company.

Open Roles


Founding Growth Lead

Software Engineering Generalist

Frontend Software Engineer

Backend Software Engineer

Not seeing something that should be here? Hello, fellow traveller 👋 Share your vision with us via email to and we'll take a look together to see if CommandDot can be your new team.

Your time is valuable. Here's what you to expect after applying.

Interview Process

Share your ownership perspective

Email our CEO  and share what you'd be excited about as the owner of a role at CommandDot

Help us picture working together

If we're excited about your vision for owning the role, we'll set up a 30 minute video chat to explore how assisting each other would feel in practice

Teach us how you work

If we're eager to learn from you after the call, we'll offer an opportunity to complete a paid project that teaches us how you'll enjoy the work here

Learn how we work

If we're confident your work will fit in with ours, we'll schedule a handful of video chats with the people you'll work alongside to learn how we'll feel on a day-to-day basis

Join Our Team

We'll make you an offer that includes competitive salary, generous stock options, medical/dental/vision insurance, meals when you're in our brightly lit airy office, the tools you need to do your very best work, and the resources to support the development of your skills and career.

Work Different.

Changing the way 98% of people use their PCs requires a lot of idealism and a lot of pragmatism, and those philosophies form the foundation of our hiring process.

We endeavor to clearly articulate what opportunities and responsibilities you'll own as part of joining our team because we want to inspire you to imagine your ideal role. The core of our offer to each of our teammates is the opportunity to author the future, and pride that comes from seeing your fingerprints on our customers' delight.

Moving quickly with a scrappy team means pushing the edge of what you can do on your own, and we've tried to anticipate the ways we'll assist each other with the work that falls in the margins of our roles. For most of us, the joy from work each day comes from the chances we got to help each other make an impact outside the comfort zone.

The indescribable spark that drove you to become an expert can burn brightly here, among generous geeks who love to teach. On our team, the work isn't done until you've gotten us excited about the opportunity for it to make an impact for our customers.

We've got a dizzying amount of building to do here, and that enables us to encourage each other to learn the skills that unlock your next chapter. We're recruiting you to pitch in with us now, and we'll keep recruiting you to do the most amazing work of your career by developing into the very best teammate you can be.

How we don't hire

We don't screen for pedigree of education or previous employment. We don't need you to constrain your ambitions to your current set of responsibilities to fit in here. We don't want you to look, believe, identify, or love any differently than you want. We're an equal opportunity employer and don't discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.

Where we work

Today, you can work with us from anywhere +/- 3 hours of Pacific Time. When it's safe enough to share the same air, this role will be based in San Francisco.

While the last year has demonstrated it's possible to own one's work from everywhere, the benefits of working together to assist, teach, and learn now more than ever clearly favor sharing a roof.

Today, our team's spread across the Western Hemisphere from Athens, Greece on the east-side to San Francisco on the west-side. We share (spiritually, for now) a large loft space with 20+ foot vaulted ceilings, brightly lit by enormous semi-circular windows, with a sliver of Bay views, that's about 300 feet from the Blue Bottle at South Park (in SoMa). Everyone has an electric standing desk, the fridge is full of Diet Coke, and we take turns DJ'ing.