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Founding Growth Lead


For the last 13 months, we've been working on making it easier to get the meetings you want without jeopardizing critical first impressions. CommandDot uses commonsense guidelines you control to find availability in your schedule, and shares it in the same simple text interface of your conversation.

A lot of people are very excited about its promise, and that helped us raise a pre-seed round from 45 amazing angels & VCs in 24-hours last March. Since then, we've grown to a team of < 10, and developed the product in constant conversation with a few hundred paying early-access private alpha customers. Now, we're ready to expand our reach to give everyone the opportunity to save hours of menial tabbing-and-typing.

We're hiring a Founding Growth Lead to get CommandDot into the hands of more people.

A note from the CEO

Self-promotion makes me uncomfortable. Our product engineering team is an overachieving execution machine, and we need help from an experienced growth leader to get the word out about CommandDot. Today, we have a few hundred paying customers saving up to 20 hours each month from unsatisfying scheduling tasks.

I want to partner with you because you have experience running the playbook in two or more growth channels (at least 1 must be from the Primary Channels) and you're eager to trade your channel specific skills up for a lead role where you'll run experiments across the board then hire to hand off successful channel motions so you can keep growing.

-Zane Shannon

Primary Channels

  • Social & Display Ads
  • Targeting Blogs
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Development (BD)
  • Sales

Bonus Channels

  • Offline Ads
  • Community Building
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Publicity
  • Unconventional PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Offline Events
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Engineering as Marketing


We celebrate the ownership CommandDot customers get over time they'd otherwise spend tabbing-and-typing between Inbox & Calendar, working for their PCs. Creating more ownership starts with our team, and whether you're bristling under the yoke of corporate inertia absorbing away your buzzing creativity, or you're a lifelong solopreneur aching for the nourishing support of a team, working with us means you'll see your fingerprints all over the success of the 800M PC users who deserve the leverage being a PC power-user brings to everything humans strive to achieve.

When you take on this role, here's what you'll be singularly responsible for:

  • owning our growth funnel and be responsible for achieving our growth targets
  • selecting growth channels and designing channel strategies that resource-efficiently contribute to achieving our growth targets
  • executing experimental tactics to validate your plans before assigning successful tactics to teammates


We build tools that help our customers get more leverage from their PCs by short-cutting the manual work that connects apps in the most popular workflows. Our team is always on the hunt for opportunities to increase each others' personal leverage at work, too, and that means actively working to clear paths, share expertise, and offer supportive feedback. We also frequently collaborate with specialist contractors who guest-star on projects to give our customers quality beyond the scale of our full-time team.

This role will work directly with our CEO.

When you join our team, here's what we're most eager for you to pitch in:

  • building on your successful experimental results by hiring new members for our growth team
  • brainstorming tactical ideas that fit into your strategic framework
  • refining your content to meet our customers' editorial and aesthetic standards
  • working with our CEO to balance growth strategies between near-term target numbers and long-term brand investments
  • collaborating with our product team to author our customers' experience from discovery to onboarding to renewal
  • working with our leadership team to identify new personas to target, and to understand when we've hit the limit on efficiently reaching current personas
  • collaborating with our product team as we plan our product roadmap to include features that support growth goals, including features that would open up new personas
  • working with our leadership team to forecast head count and support hiring for growth roles


There's no better indicator of someone's expertise than how effectively they teach. Our happiest customers are eager to share CommandDot with their coworkers. Like them, our team geeks out on sharing how we get things done.

Be prepared to teach how to:

  • plan a content calendar and synchronize content production with product development so our entire org can speak with one voice
  • reach out to communities and publications to get our stories told and content featured
  • build a channel and audience sizing machine that keeps us focused on opportunities that can move the needle for our growth goals
  • edit and prioritize which growth tactics we'll use and when
  • instrument performance measurements for our outbound efforts, and show us how to interpret the results to adjust strategic and tactical prioritization moving forward
  • measure our customer engagement, and help us learn to analyze usage patterns to inform decision making across growth and product
  • refine our customer personas using quantitative and qualitative feedback from our go-to market efforts, and show us where new customer personas can be unlocked with different positioning and/or product features


The urge to grow runs through the core of every living being. The core of CommandDot is built around a teaching engine that endlessly surfaces new possibilities for our customers, constantly growing the value they get for their time and money. Every one we work with is a voracious learner, and that means we feel confident offering opportunities to take on new responsibilities here like few other organizations.

Joining our team includes the opportunity for you to learn to:

  • experiment with performance marketing in paid channels like Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter ads
  • way find towards product-market fit using feedback from customers and intuition about product possibilities
  • drive growth using focused product development of features designed to encourage customers to share their stories about the value they're getting
  • reason about growth strategies, tactics, and timing in the context of venture capital fundraising


Email [email protected] to share what you'd be excited about as the owner of this role's opportunities and responsibilities.