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Frontend Software Engineer


For the last 13 months, we've been working on making it easier to get the meetings you want without jeopardizing critical first impressions. CommandDot uses commonsense guidelines you control to find availability in your schedule, and shares it in the same simple text interface of your conversation.

A lot of people are very excited about its promise, and that helped us raise a pre-seed round from 45 amazing angels & VCs in 24-hours last March. Since then, we've grown to a team of < 10, and developed the product in constant conversation with a few hundred paying early-access private alpha customers. Now, we're ready to expand our reach to give everyone the opportunity to save hours of menial tabbing-and-typing.

We're hiring a Frontend Software Engineer to make CommandDot useful for more people.


We celebrate the ownership CommandDot customers get over time they'd otherwise spend tabbing-and-typing between Inbox & Calendar, working for their PCs. Creating more ownership starts with our team, and whether you're bristling under the yoke of corporate inertia absorbing away your buzzing creativity, or you're a lifelong solopreneur aching for the nourishing support of a team, working with us means you'll see your fingerprints all over the success of the 800M PC users who deserve the leverage being a PC power-user brings to everything humans strive to achieve.
— without learning to code.

When you take on this role, here's what you'll be singularly responsible for:

  • feature development, starting from vague notions about how the product should work, customer feedback, and automated bug reporting
  • determining when a feature can be developed start-to-finish without a formal plan
  • writing feature specifications to sync effort across our team (we use Notion)
  • planning feature development with concise, actionable, time-estimated, and transferrable tickets (we use Linear)
  • building features across our frontends (Typescript & Functional React & Redux & Apollo & styled-components & framer-motion & Webpack)
  • styling interfaces from graphic and motion designs, and ad hoc using style kit components (we use Figma and Bootstrap, with styled-components)


We build tools that help our customers get more leverage from their PCs by short-cutting the manual work that connects apps in the most popular workflows. Our team is always on the hunt for opportunities to increase each others' personal leverage at work, too, and that means actively working to clear paths, share expertise, and offer supportive feedback. We also frequently collaborate with specialist contractors who guest-star on projects to give our customers quality beyond the scale of our full-time team.

This role will work directly with our CEO and product team.

When you join our team, here's what we're most eager for you to pitch in:

  • imagining product features with our product team
  • feedback on internal interfaces for teammates' features
  • code review of teammates' features (we use Github)
  • estimating difficulty of implementation for various design options
  • prioritizing features for development from product strategy, customer requests, and bug reports
  • documenting the internal interfaces of your features that teammates could benefit from using
  • documenting user facing feature functionality to enable our customer support motion to help our customers succeed
  • documenting third-party developer feature functionality and supporting external developers on Github
  • identifying features that would benefit from refactoring or redevelopment
  • recruiting and interviewing potential new team members


There's no better indicator of someone's expertise than how effectively they teach. Our happiest customers are eager to share CommandDot with their coworkers. Like them, our team geeks out on sharing how we get things done.

Be prepared to teach how to:

  • progressively build and release features prioritizing getting something small and useful in customers' hands very quickly
  • progressively refine and enhance features from customer feedback, usage telemetry, and automated bug detection
  • implement the domain model that best matches customers' expectations using Typescript and GraphQL types
  • write clear, concise, pure functional code that's reviewable on read (not execute)
  • build single purpose pure functional React components using hooks
  • use open source packages where possible understanding the trade-offs vs home-cooked code
  • write minimal CSS and prioritize responsive adaptability


The urge to grow runs through the core of every living being. The core of CommandDot is built around a teaching engine that endlessly surfaces new possibilities for our customers, constantly growing the value they get for their time and money. Every one we work with is a voracious learner, and that means we feel confident offering opportunities to take on new responsibilities here like few other organizations.

Joining our team includes the opportunity for you to learn to:

  • write code with readers in mind (vs computational complexity vs speed of writing)
  • allocate engineering resources to writing automated tests vs customer facing features
  • allocate engineering resources to tuning execution performance vs customer facing features
  • listen to customer feedback in the context of product strategy and market analysis
  • way find towards product-market fit using feedback from customers and intuition about product possibilities
  • review code to help your teammates write code for ease of comprehension in the future when the immediate context of today's features are long gone from our working memories
  • build features that help customers feel excitement using CommandDot
  • build features that support happy customers' desires to share CommandDot with their friends
  • design interfaces that are approachable, humane, and engaging for beginner and expert PC users alike
  • reason about growth strategies, tactics, and timing in the context of venture capital fundraising


Email [email protected] to share what you'd be excited about as the owner of this role's opportunities and responsibilities.